VP of Data Engineering and Analytics, Seattle WA - FILLED

Are you obsessed with customer service? Do you want to be a part of company that revolutionizing technology in the Retail Industry? If so, you need to read on!

Our client is looking for a Vice President of Data Engineering and Analytics in Seattle. This is a brand new position based on our growth and goals of becoming the best Fashion Retailer in a digitally connected world. We are going through lots of transformation with technology being the driving force.

You will be leading the transformation for the entire data engineering landscape at our client. You are a part of the Technology leadership team and will be driving and executing the data engineering strategy and delivery across the Enterprise in partnership with the VP of Data Science and Analytics. You and your team will be design and engineer the modernization of the data landscape, including modernizing our data warehouse, implementing streaming data mechanism as well as all the data platforms, information delivery and telemetry across the enterprise. You are creating and generating data based on what the business is doing. You will be able to query data anytime without knowing the questions. You are implementing new technology in the cloud. You have the ability to deploy ongoing features. You are partnering with Data Scientists to unlock the data at our client. You will be leading the transformation of our data warehouse to an event driven architecture that could respond in real-time to actions by customers, using new architecture such as Kafka, Storm and Spark, as well as moving to a cloud infrastructure and architecture in the cloud leveraging technologies such as S3 or EMR.

This is a fantastic opportunity to transform not only technology but the business. You will be empowered to make decisions, therefore impacting the business. We think about our product like a technology company. We are fully executing in a Dev Ops environment. We are leveraging the newest technologies: Think of it this way; we’re like a product software company, but faster!

Fast Forward a Year:

You will have created a brand new data platform while maintaining the legacy for business continuity. You will continually be exploring innovative technologies to best determine the ones to implement. You will have assessed and recommended new technologies to implement. You will be migrating to the cloud some data marts. You have built a clear vision and roadmap as well as how our client manages that data. You have built the analytics to drive new customer experience in partnership with the Data Science team. You have been instrumental in helping our client be the key leader and innovator in the retail industry. Analytics and BI is now on demand!

How will you get there?

30 days:

* Meet your team, about 200 people
* Assess the current state of the environment
* Meet the key business lines you will be partnering with as well as supporting
* You’re starting to understand the business vision and technology vision
* You have started drafting a vision of the end-state of the data

90 days:

* You have the right team in place to best drive the vision of the company
* You have built a detailed roadmap
* Your roadmap has been signed off by key business stakeholders

6 months:

* You are executing on your roadmap
* You have a strong established footing in the business, with the stakeholders and recognized as a thought leader
* You’re respected by your team and peers

Who are you?

* An executive who is intellectually curious, who can identify with complex business issues, and effectively dive through the data and systems to identify technologies solutions for the business.
* You have a strong strategic vision, technology leadership, deep technical and data chops, and a strong analytical acumen.
* You have prevailed in a multi-faceted decision-making structure with many internal stakeholders.
* 12-15 years of experience in a fast-paced technology environment.
* Proven ability to successfully manage Product & Data Engineering at scale.
* Demonstrated leadership and management skills in a complex environment.
* Demonstrated ability to engage with business leaders, C-level executives, external clients, vendors and peers.
* History of leading product planning, design and implementation of widely used consumer digital services.
* An effective communicator in both a large groups of employees and in one on one employee relationships.
* A motivator with a curiosity for continually learning
* An expert multi-tasker
* Flexible, can anticipate and adapt to new situations and/or changing demands and respond proactively to enhance the division’s/business unit’s financial performance.
* Customer obsessed with an eye for continual improvement both for your team as well as the customer.

Since 1901, our client has been committed to providing their customers with the best possible service in the business. It’s unparalleled to none. We have a relentless drive to exceed expectations. We are continuing to grow and evolve to remain the best.

Kim Frost