Are you interested in working for a company that is in rapid expansion with aggressive growth? Are you looking for an organization that has strong, reputable, cutting edge product lines? If so, you need to read on.

Out client is looking for a motivated, ambitious Director of Sales in Seattle to lead and build a sales team. There is a productive sales team in place so you’re not building from scratch. The current team is high performing. They are looking for someone who will continue to grow this successful team while hiring new talent. They are expanding their business on the West Coast so a fantastic growth opportunity for you as well. You will be leading this growth. There is a reoccurring revenue model so you are stepping into business immediately. Their products are high quality and state of the art. Along with unmatched offerings, the service is white glove and focused on the customer experience. The value created provides a perfects scenario to upsell on quality and not price. There is plenty of untapped markets, therefore a lot of new accounts to add!

You will have the opportunity to create and implement an appropriate sales structure; whatever you see fit that aligns with their goals. A real opportunity to paint your own canvas. You will be empowered to make the appropriate changes that align with their business goals. You will partner with the executive team to create and map out the growth strategy. You will create the strategy to hire, train and retain sales talent. You will be instrumental in driving the productivity and morale of the team. You see the big picture. You want to make the team even more successful than they already are. This is your opportunity to create your footprint not only for the company but for the industry.

Fast forward a year.  Where will you be?
Your team is exceeding expectations; they’re hitting their quotas out of the park. They are demonstrating success in the field. Your team respects you. You are part of the Executive Team. You have hired additional talent, not just in the Seattle area, but Portland as well. You have an effective KPI and commission plan in place. You know the coffee/beverage market inside and out. The CRM is in place and your reps are using it. You’re running the applicable reports to demonstrate the success of your reps and the business. You know what’s going on in the market and reporting back to the business to create new potential service offerings. You’re a fantastic communicator. You’re proactive. You’re a respected leader by the entire company.

How will you get there?

30 days:
Meet the Executive team as well as your team
Familiarize yourself with all their products
Review the comp plan
Field ride with your team
Review the sales structure

90 days:
Your sales structure is in place; the commission and new revenue goals for your team
You’ve hired 2 additional Sales reps, 1 in Seattle, 1 in Portland
Your reps are fully using the CRM and you’re holding them accountable
You’ve done field rides with the route drivers as well as service drivers to fully understand the business

6 months:
You’re fully immersed in the business as well as the market
You know all the clients
You’ve assessed the service offerings, determined if they are competitive, identified new products that should be implemented
You’ve developed a national sales strategy
You’re a SME in the industry
You’re proactive
You’re part of the Executive Team

What you will need:
Proven success selling in the field; cold calling clients
You’ve managed & built high performing sales teams for 5+ years
You’re a motivator; strong leader
You’ve improved performances of sales professionals
You’ve developed achievable, successful sales commission structures that have helped companies grow their bottom lines
You’ve successfully worked with CRM’s that have demonstrated the performance of your team, as well as run reports informing teams and leaders the status of the business

Who are they?
Out client is the premier refreshment company in the Northwest. They have a high level of customer service. They are recognized and respected by their clients. They are different from others. They respect their team. Everyone has a voice in their day-to-day business operations. They instill trust and confidence in their team. They have a fun, happy culture with strong leaders. They have experienced double-digit growth for the last few years and are on target to do the same this year. They are a very transparent company, keeping their employees informed every step of the way.

Kim Frost