Executive Director, Seattle- FILLED

Are you a savvy business person perhaps looking for a change? Do you want to really impact lives of others and make a difference? If you’re interested in doing something different vs. just another job, read on!

Our client is looking for a CEO/Executive Director to run their school in the greater Seattle area. You will own the entire operations of the school including finance, HR, Technology, Faculty and Students. You are leading the team, designing the organization’s strategy to meet the needs of the business, teachers, students and parents. This is a calling, not another job. 

You will own the entire budget and the implementation of the strategy of the school. You have the ability to continue to shape and grow the culture that represents the school’s charter and students. You are the voice and the face of the school, creating a movement for the staff and teachers. You are charged with increasing the number of students as well as hire the appropriate staff to support the functions of the business.  You will create growth opportunities. You report to the Board of Directors. You will spearhead the expansion of effective education programs that align with the mission on the school. You are leading the fundraising and donor programs. You ensure that the school is in compliance with relevant regulations and statutes governing educational services in the State of Washington. 

A little more on our client; they are a transformational private school that helps children thrive like no other public or charter school. They are an accredited independent school for K-12 students located in the Greater Seattle area. They understand students learn in a variety of ways, beyond the traditional classroom. Their curriculum, instruction, teachers, and school culture are unique; they are responsive to the individual needs, interests, and abilities of each student. They look at the whole child. They have 1:1 teacher to child learning. Parents seek out the school because other education programs have failed their child. Our client gives their children and often their families a future. 

Fast forward a year.  Where will you be?

You have built a great partnership with your staff, faculty, and parents. The level of engagement has increased with the teachers. You have established a clear path for their growth opportunities. You have discipline and rigor in your daily operations. You’re not afraid to delegate authority. You have increased visibility in the community; Our client is seen as a strong alternative to traditional means of education. Enrollment is up by 20-25%. You are really impacting lives. You’re making a difference. You’re happy. 

How will you get there?

30 days:

  • You’re starting to establish relationships with your all stakeholders, the faculty, boards, parents, and students
  • You are starting to understand their goals and needs
  • You’re seen as a leader:  you’re instilling confidence in your team

90 days: 

  • You’re setting up accountability with your staff
  • You’re creating and updating the nuts and bolts of your organization
  • You’re defining roles and responsibilities, and you’ve clearly articulated them
  • You’re putting your imprint on the organization

6 months:

  • You’re fully immersed in the business as well as the school
  • School enrollment is on the uptick
  • Your faculty is happy because they understand your goals and vision because you're transparent in your communication
  • You’re seen as a strong, confident leader

What you will need:

  • Minimum of 10 years of demonstrated savvy business skills with several accomplishments transforming and improving business operations for a company
  • Successfully owned and managed a P/L
  • Exceptional communication skills, can have hard conversations that are delivered with finesse and compassion
  • Strategic mindset as well as accomplished leader and organizer
  • Strong collaboration skills, flexible and adaptive
  • Passion for people and driving change to positively influence and change their lives
  • A drive to live your progressive values, not just climb the corporate ladder


Kim Frost