Frost Connections offers a customized end to end recruiting process - from helping you identify the right skills and accomplishments needed for success to sourcing and identifying ideal candidates. We facilitate the entire process to ensure you find the right candidate. We get the candidates to say yes! We manage and nurture the relationship beyond Day One. In fact, after 17 years in the business, we still have relationships with the candidates we’ve placed.

At Frost Connections, we help companies that don’t have internal recruiting functions. We partner with clients that need additional recruiting support and guidance. Think of us as your right hand in the recruiting process.

With multiple options to fit your company's culture, needs and budget, our proven system is both flexible and scalable.



We can help you build a scalable, repeatable, outstanding Recruiting process. Our White Glove Recruiting Program teaches you and your company the proven and repeatable process learned from our 35+ years of experience working as SME with Fortune 500 companies.

White Glove Recruiting takes our proven best practices, industry expertise and research and accelerates the process from start to finish. Working with you and your company, Frost Connections will guide you through the best way of attracting the ideal candidates in the shortest amount of time possible.

It is scalable. It is repeatable. It will be a well-oiled segment of your business that you will be proud of as well as providing an outstanding candidate experience.

Our customized White Glove Recruiting Program not only saves your company time and money, it provides peace of mind, improves customer experience and creates a positive recruiting experience for all candidates regardless of the outcome.
This is a process. We have the secret formula. This is what makes it successful.